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Landscape gardening Guiseley – Ideas for small gardens

It’s officially Spring and an ideal time to start thinking about transforming your unloved garden or outdoor space. There’s so many ideas and possibilities out there, you don’t need to leave your small garden unloved and bland.

At Gagajoo we’ve got some top tips for garden idea to help transform your small outdoor space.


Landscape gardening Guiseley: Go bold

Go for bold geometric shapes for the patio and the lawn, and if in doubt stick to straight lines – they are easier to get right. It might seem that curves will bring softness to a garden, especially in a town or city garden, but really, outside spaces soften up very quickly and the best designs contrast the softness of the planting against the cleanness and crispness of the edges.


Landscape gardening Guiseley: Keep it simple

Keep it simple and remember the ‘rule of three’ applies to most things in the garden. So, use a maximum of three types of flooring materials. For example: grass, sandstone and gravel. This will give a coherence and consistency to your garden which will be the envy of all who walk in there. It’s possible to get a garden to look good with a wider variety of materials but it’s also harder, and why make life harder?


Landscape gardening Guiseley: Keep it light and bright

Lighting really matters. Not just for when you’re out there, but for that all important view from the house. First layer it for practicality: light the steps, sitting areas, paths. Next, light any features you have: water features, small trees, interesting wall surfaces. Finally add a really subtle layer of light at ankle level to make the whole place glow. If you have these on three different circuits you can mix and match for different effects.


Landscape gardening Guiseley: Don’t get too complex

A simple layout will help with the upkeep, if you can see where the edges are meant to be, it’s easier to keep them neat. Long, straight lines trick you into thinking a small yard or small garden landscape is bigger than it is. To take full advantage of this illusion, subtly slant the far end of the lines toward one another and create a focal point. In this small backyard idea, a fence does the job and is enhanced by repeating rows of flowers and a pergola.


Landscape gardening Guiseley: Raised plating areas

You can give your small backyard a sense of height by raising up plantings, even just a foot or two. Try retaining walls or more formal raised beds integrated with other hardscape features, such as stairs. You’ll help the eye move up and create a pretty visual distraction from the lack of square footage.