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Sloping garden solutions

Are you the owner of a property with a sloped garden? Unfortunately, slopped gardens can be extremely limiting to all of your garden dreams. In fact, even the smallest of slopes can be a big detriment when it comes to entertaining in your garden or relaxing in the beaming sun.

While you might have lost all hope of transforming your sloped garden into something more enjoyable, there are plenty of solutions to make use of. These solutions will provide you with a variety of ideas about how you can transform your garden.

Sloping garden solutions #1

We don’t all have the blessing of a flat garden, but it doesn’t mean that our gardens can’t be fun. You’ve just got to rise above the disappointment of your sloping garden – literally!

By installing something such as decking on a raised platform in your garden, you give yourself the space you crave. A decked area is perfect for relaxing in the sun or entertaining a flurry of guests. Have you considered a hot tub for the backyard?

Sloping garden solutions #2

If you can’t easily access certain areas of your garden at the minute, simply make it easy for yourself! With the installation of some steps in your garden, you can easily make use of the space that is currently going to waste.

Space in sloping gardens often goes to waste since it isn’t as accessible as a flat garden would be. If you aren’t making best use of the space that your garden offers, steps can make your garden far more welcoming.

Sloping garden solutions #3

While a sloping garden is often seen as a major disadvantage by those who don’t own one as well as those who do, but one major advantage of a sloped garden is that terracing is made easier!

Separating your garden into different areas is much easier when a garden is slopped, as there isn’t as much work needed to create a suitably sloped area. Separating parts of your garden with retaining walls allows you to create segregated zones in your garden. For example, you can have an area where the children can play and an alternative area where you can sun bathe. Of course, the possibilities for different areas in your garden are endless.

Why work with Gagajoo?

Finding a landscape gardener with the expertise to transform your sloped garden into a beautiful, practical garden is surprisingly tough. However, you’ve found the right landscape gardener with Gagajoo. Here are some of the reasons that you should work with us.

  • Experienced: We many years of experience creating wonderful gardens for our customers. Throughout our entire time transforming gardens, we have encountered a variety of sloped gardens which we have then transformed, much to the pleasure of our customers. Every member of our team has the experience required to take part in the creation of the garden you’ve always dreamt of having.
  • Qualified: Each and every member of our team is a qualified tradesperson with years of experience creating a variety of unique gardens. While a sloped garden might seem like a big problem to you, to us it’s just the same as the other projects we deal with on a daily basis.
  • Bespoke: We understand that you probably want your garden to be truly unique. We don’t just make a garden that we think you will like; we discuss your ideas and dreams with you in some detail. This ensures that the garden we make is exactly what you want, even if you do not have the capabilities to make the garden for yourself.