Landscaping Leeds: Cheap changes that make a big difference

Has your garden seen better days? If your garden clearly needs some work, there is no point waiting for things to get worse. It’s time to get your garden looking vibrant and exciting again!

A lot of homeowners are put off making changes to their garden because any modifications of a garden can be so expensive. A lot of ambitious changes require a professional landscape gardener too, and that isn’t something that comes cheap. However, there are plenty of changes that you can make to your garden while sticking to a small budget. Here are some cheap changes that make a big difference to your garden.

Landscaping Leeds: Paint your garden fences

If you want to make a big change to your garden with little investment, consider painting any wooden fences and doors that you have. Paint does not cost much and nor do the tools required to paint. All you need is a bit of time to crack on with painting your wooden doors and fences.

Painting your fences can add some colour to a garden that’s currently looking dire, really brightening up the place and making it nicer on the eye.

If you are going to paint the fences in your garden, consider using paint that is designed especially for wood. If you don’t use the right paint, you might find that your fantastic new paint job doesn’t last as long as you would hope.

Landscaping Leeds: Get rid of the weeds

Weeds are a menace in the garden. You can get rid of them as many times as you want, but they always end up coming back. That doesn’t mean that you should give up and let them take over your garden, however. Dust and dirt come back too, but you wouldn’t give up getting rid of them!

Weeds can really make a garden look unappealing. When you have an otherwise fine garden, weeds really stand out and drag the rest of your garden down. Fortunately, removing weeds, albeit temporarily, is simple and free.

If you do not have any garden tools, you can actually get rid of weeds without them. For example, you can get your hands dirty and pull them out. Alternatively, make use of some old kitchen utensils such as knives and get the weeds out at the root. For a little amount of money, there are weed killer products available if you do not want to manually remove the weeds.

Leeds Landscaping: Buy new pots

While your garden might be full of colour, you might overlook the beauty when you see pots for are old and ugly in appearance. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this: buy new pots! Purchasing new pots will cost you a bit of money, but there are some stylish alternatives for those who don’t want to spend.

If you do not fancy purchasing new pots for your garden, have you considered using old plastic bottles and other household items to make your own pots? If you have plastic bottles lying around, recycling them and utilising them as pots is a way to get rid of plastic in an environmentally friendly way. Not only will you be saving money, but plastic bottle ‘pots’ look awesome!