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Cawthorne – South Yorkshire

This property with stunning views of the local landscape had absolutely no usable outdoor space for the owners to enjoy. The garden was ruined due to a large extension built for their severely disabled daughter and required a significant transformation in order for all the family to use the space.

Our team spent a long time clearing the land and landscaping the area into a usable and practical space. The garden needed to be designed around her special needs due to how severely disabled she was the garden was all about sounds smells and feelings. It had to be level with access to all areas. Hence the pathways branching out from the centre point.

We created a large patio are at the top of the garden to allow the owners to maximise the sun the garden received. The brand-new lawn has transformed the space and allowed for sleeper beds and paths to be incorporated, creating different spaces within the garden.

The owners absolutely loved the transformation of their garden and the extra living space it provided.